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The Selection

The Selection -  I hate pretty covers. You know the inside's going to be bad, but the cover's just like: give me a chance. I'll be good, I promise. And so I went and got it. I mean, the dress! It's so pretty. Now I'm sad I wasted my time.  Pretty covers get me all the time.There are so many inconsistencies in The Selection. For example, America is poor, but can afford good food.The character names are just weird. America Singer. America-wait for it- sings. Who do you know who's name is Aspen? What about Maxon?The characters themselves were flat. America was so predictable in what she was going to do. She also cried and complained a lot. And when someone called her pretty, she's like, "Don't call me pretty. Everyone calls me pretty." Why don't you just take a complement as it is?Everything in this book was easy to guess. There were no plot twists that shocked me.This book is supposed to be dystopian. There is limited world building. I could imagine what it would be like.The writing and dialogue weren't very good. It seems like a thirteen year old wrote this.This is supposed to be a Bachelor/ Hunger Games book. I can see the Bachelor portion. I don't know how the Hunger Games is part of this.However, I like the idea behind it.Overall, don't read this book. It's really bad.Find this review and more at

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