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The Hobbit

The Hobbit - I would have liked this so much more if I didn't have to read this for school. So. Much. More. In school, we had to take notes on pretty much every single paragraph. It was so annoying. I got so bored of this book. That being said, at around the halfway point, it suddenly picked up and was much more interesting to read . And I could safely ignore the fact that I would have a test nitpicking this book.Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who hates all adventure. Or, he seems to believe he hates it. There are two sides of him: the Took side and the Baggins side. When I first read about this, I thought he was schizophrenic. He wants to go on an adventure. Oh wait, never mind. Forget that last bit, he does. Or maybe not. On the other hand...This was what the book was like the first quarter. And I can understand it, really! It's just annoying.The other characters were very interesting. The dwarves, wizard, elves, eagles, orcs, goblins, trolls, and other creatures were well thought out. My favorite character was probably Gandalf because he's a bit eccentric. I really enjoyed that this book had no romance. Sometimes, romance is good. In this story, it would have ruined the entire thing.The setting was awesome. All the places on the route to the dragon's lair were fascinating.The writing made it seem like I was in the story.This was a great story. I look forward to reading the Lord of the Rings.Find this review and more at

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