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From Bad to Cursed (Bad Girls Don't Die Series #2)

From Bad to Cursed - Katie Alender Apparently, this series doesn't focus on both evil dolls and ghosts. It just focuses on bad ghosts. I feel kind of stupid for not realizing that. But I wouldn't change it, at all.Alexis isn't one of the people that are immune to everything bad. For example, if this was another book, Alexis would be the only person not influenced by Aralt. However, she is a one of a kind, too. She fights back, eventually.We also get to learn a little more about Alexis's hobby, photography.There's also some more bonding with Kasey, her sister. In the first book, there wasn't, since she was possessed and all.Aralt is sort of like a voice in her mind. He tells her all the right things to say.Carter stalks Alexis, now. It's not that he wants to. With Aralt telling her the things to say, she turned him into some sort of loving stalker. There might be another love interests. I'm not sure, though.The writing flowed really well. The development of Alexis was very subtle. Also, the plot was perfectly paced.The ending left enough so there had to be another book. I'm going to give my librarian one week to get it, and if she doesn't, I'm going to buy it myself.Find this review and others at

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