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Darker Days (The Darker Agency, #1) - Jus Accardo Find this review and more at http://www.thereadingobsession.blogspot.comDarker Days wasn't exactly wasn't what I expected. I thought it would be creepier and not as predictable. However, it's still very good.Jessie's voice sounds like a typical teenager. It doesn't seem like Just Accardo is trying, but it also doesn't sound all purple-proseish.And guess what? There's no love triangle. At all. And that makes me so happy.The beginning starts out with Jesse hunting down a paranormal creature. I forgot what it was, possibly because it was never important.Some of the explanations and descriptions could have and should have been better, but I understood the entire gist of it.I love the world of Darker Days. It truly was very imaginative and brilliant.Overall, this book kept me hooked from the beginning, and I hope to read more in the story.

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