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Terrorscape (Horrorscape, #3) - Nenia Campbell That is an awesome cover. You have to admit it. I need this book. Screwed up serial killers are awesome. And obsessive screwed up serial killers? Those are the best.And I just realized something. Fear turns into Horror, which turns into Terror. And of course I knew that before I posted it.Update: 6/11/13 Find this Monday Musing and more at I was planning to do a series review of the Horrorscape trilogy, but Terrorscape still wasn't out yet. So I'm going to do a series review later and a Musing today. Apparently, there are going to be, as Nenia puts it, "mindscrews galore" so these predictions will probably be so inaccurate that both you, Reader, and the author, Nenia Campbell, will laugh at me. And warning: Spoilers for the previous two books are everywhere in this review. They're like those Agents in the Matrix. Or the mosquitoes in Thailand. If you've read Fearscape, you remember about the toygers. If you're thinking, "What toygers?" then get out, Person Who Hasn't Read Fearscape. Anyways, I was thinking that Gavin might have killed the pets from the petstore before he met Val. One of the major signs of being a serial killer is killing small animals. Gavin is also probably going to set fire to Val's house or some place she really is interested in/ likes. Arsonists aren't always killers, but setting fires is one of the signs. This one is pretty obvious, but I think I should get at least one thing right. Val is going to live. However, in all the horror movies, the protagonist always dies in the end, right after defeating the villain. Is that going to happen here? There's a term in chess and some other games called Zugzwang. It's the point in the game where the player has to make a move, even though s/he doesn't want to. Every move after that weakens the player. I have a feeling this will happen to Val. When this happens to a player, there is a high likelihood that they will lose. However, I'm really hoping that Val won't die, if only for the sake of her killing Gavin.  When I was looking at how far Nenia was in writing this (pg 27/550: "THREATS IN THE MAIL.") I also saw the shelves she shelved Terrorscape under: This will give it a pretty good idea of what might happen: Shelves: x-series-bk-3, gorgeous-covers, antihero, dark-like-my-soul, disturbing, erotica, gothic, hero-is-fucking-scary, heroine-is-flawed, heroine-is-too-stupid-to-live, heroine-is-trying-but, icky-things-going-on-here, incest, murder-most-foul, new-adult, psycho-killer-qu-est-ce-que-c-est, rape-n-violence, revenge, sex-as-blackmail-revenge-leverage, wtf The first two are pretty obvious: it's the third book in a series and it has an awesome cover. The next shelf seems pretty easy to think of what will happen. The "dark-like-my-soul" hints that this will be bloody and gory and scary. Pretty much everything I love. The "disturbing" shelf: It's about a serial killer obsessed with a girl. Of course it'll be disturbing. Erotica shelf: Wait, what? What? I didn't see that the first time I read the shelf names. Erotica? But the first book was categorized as Young Adult (unless I read it wrong). Anyways, erotica= sex scene between Gavin and Val. No. I have no idea how its going to happen.  I've never read any gothic books that I know of. So I don't know what's going to happen. Next shelf: Hero is (censored here) scary. No, really? Never would have guessed. It's not like he's a psychopath or anything. Oh wait... The heroine shelves: Val has problems, probably even more PTSD. Or maybe she will get over it and kick Gavin's butt. However, she'll probably not be able to do it, because of the third heroine shelf. About the second ( the one in the middle), I don't want Val to be an idiot! I want her to stop trusting anyone and lock herself in her house.Shelf: Icky things going on here. Icky how? Like blood spattering on the floor and being impossible to clean up? Or the (censored) kind? And why is incest on here? This is going to be a completely screwed up book( in the good way). Shelf: murder-most foul. There will be killing! Nenia commented somewhere that Val is going to give him a motive to go all serial killer on people. I'm expecting Nenia to get the actual definition of a serial correct: a person that kills three or more people in an extended period of time, and he will have a cooling off period in between. If Nenia sticks to the serial killer definition, this book will last over the course of several months. A New Adult book not focused on romance. That'll be a first. I'm skipping over the psycho-killer shelf. I already talked about killing. Same with the next two shelves.  But revenge? On whom? Val or Gavin? Maybe Val will try and kill Gavin. And Gavin will try and kill Val (and all her friends). Finally, the last shelf: the wtf shelf. It probably sums up the entire book. Roses. Gavin has an obsession with red roses. He burns one every night. Maybe Val will get another bouquet of roses and a creepy poem. Maybe it'll be like Alice in Wonderland, with the roses being painted. Except for the paint will be blood.  Talking about Gavin, I hope there's going to be more of his point of view. I love reading mentally deranged people's point of vies. ( It reminds me of me!) And um... I can't think of anything else right now. I'm probably going to be lying in bed thinking of random things and wishing I didn't turn off my computer. Last note: There had better be ARCs. I refuse to wait until September 30, 2013. And here's the actual review!Spoilers for the series abound, because, seriously, you can't review this series without spoilers.Do you know that feeling when you read an amazing book, and you're like, "I must get the other one or else I'll die."? But at the same time, you're terrified that the next book won't be as good? That's basically how I felt when I finished Fearscape, the first book in this trilogy. However, being the serial-killer-obsessed person I am, I went and bought the next book. And it was even better. Around that time, I thought all the books had come out, so I went to try and buy the next one. But noooooo, people had to be mean and not release it yet.Then I realized Nenia always updated her status on how far in a book she had written, and I went and stalked that for a while. All this time, I was getting more and more excited for the conclusion that had to be epic. It turns out that Nenia finished writing and editing it a few months earlier and released it, and that meant I could buy it.There's a quote from Terrorscape, book three of the trilogy, that accurately describes the entire series:“Once upon a time, there was a naïve and innocent girl who thought she could tame the beast and live happily ever after. But the beast did not want to be tamed, for he was a beast and beasts care not for such things, and the girl died along with her dreams.From childhood's grave sprang a young woman, jaded before her years, who knew that beasts could wear the skins of men, and that evil could exist in sunlight, as well as darkness." The Horrorscape Trilogy is about a girl who starts out very sweet, innocent, and ordinary, but meets a guy. He acts like all the other YA novel love interests, so she doesn't see anything wrong. Slowly, she realizes that the boyfriends of books shouldn't be real in life. The ones that are real are dangerous. This begins a game of cat and mouse, where Val is the rodent.In the first book, Val is full of life and hope. In the second, she becomes scared and terrified. This is a true reaction to what would happen if a psychopath became obsessed with you. In the third, she's still scared, but she fights back.Gavin also experiences character development, but it is not for the better. Instead, he hones his ability to kill and generally becomes more terrifying.Unlike so many of the YA novels, this series is written in third person. Sometimes, third person will take away the terror of suspenseful books, but this one doesn't.Nenia has this gift of being an amazing writer. Her descriptions are so detailed, and yet not boring as to take away from the overall impact. The downside to this is that a lot of her descriptions sound like the places I'm often at, and I'm scared whenever I think of them.There is so much suspense in these three novels that it made me freak out whenever I heard a noise. And since people have terrible timing, they'd walk in right at the terrifying part.In Terrorscape, there's a mention of a Vivaldi ringtone. When I read, I play music on my computer. Guess what just happened to play when I started that page? I swear, I started screaming. Meanwhile, my dog just sits there confused.And guess what? There's something called research in this book. Why do I know this? Because occasionally, I'll look up strange things, say for example, "serial killers" or "stalkers".The first book is when Val is still fourteen. What annoys fourteen-year-olds? Parents. And yes, there are parents here. They're actually a major part, unlike so many other books.As the series progresses, the parts of Val's parents shrink, just like what happens when a teen grow up. However, they're still an active role in the story.There's something I dubbed "nenianism". Whenever you read a book by Nenia Campbell, there's going to be references to a cat. It's just something I noticed.Endings of series and books are very difficult to write. However, Nenia makes it seem effortless.This trilogy is phenomenal. It's utterly brilliant and ingenious. I will read anything Nenia writes now. And she'd better write more. Or else I'll bring Gavin back to life and set him on her.

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