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Steel Lily (The Periodic Series, #1) - Megan Curd According to Goodreads, I am the first person to rate this below three stars. I am the first person, as according to the way Goodreads rates books, to not like it. So I feel very weird writing a negative review. I didn't finish it. I was 33% through it when I had to stop because I got so annoyed.Now, this isn't a bad book. In fact, I think many people will enjoy it. I'm just sick of dystopians nowadays. It seems like every author ever decides that they are amazing at writing and tries to be a Suzanne Collins. It just doesn't happen. I hated Avery with a passion, which was pretty much my main issue with Steel Lily. She got on my nerves so often. For example, on the first page, she said "...what good did it do to survive, if you were stuck being exhausted and your classmates thought you were a freak because of your 'gift'?" This is when I knew I wasn't going to love it to pieces. Basically, Avery, you're surviving. Ignore the fact that people don't like you; be glad you're not dead! I found myself muttering and glaring at the book when she kept on whining. It's like she didn't understand that she would die if she wasn't in the world thing. She also had special powers that were so very rare and was a redhead. What is it with reds nowadays? I know of maybe two people with red hair in my life. Not a huge number that's found all over fiction.The "banter"? It wasn't amusing at all. And since most of the dialogue was made up of it, I hated it.Avery also was way too trusting. When a random guy shows up telling her she should go with him, she just thinks,"Hey. Maybe I shouldn't. Pssht. Whatever. I totally should." and follows a guy that says the random guy sent him. There were also many info-dumps. I know it's really difficult to write a novel without them, but SL had so many.And insta-love! No. She sees him, and it's like: BOOM! MAGICAL RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS AND LOVE! If you're like Avery and couldn't understand, I hate that stuff.In the first thirty three percent, something should have happened that surprised me. But I predicted pretty much everything that happened.There also seems to be a typical dystopian YA plot going on.Characters and predictability aside, I really liked the world building. If was very descriptive and imaginative.I think I probably would have enjoyed Steel Lily if every person didn't try and write a dystopian.Will I finish this? Probably not. I think I'll try and forget about it.

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