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Eyes Ever to the Sky - Katie French Find this review and more at http://www.thereadingobsession.blogspot.comTo any guys reading this: Parts of this is a normal review. Other parts are strange. Very, very strange. And hopefully, you'll think I just have a cold or something, and that's great. But please note: I envy right now. Actually, I hate every male specimen for not going through the same torture as me. Including my shih tzu who adores me. So don't feel singled out.I was going to change it from a three star to a four star rating because I'm nice like that, but the day I wrote this review (today), I remembered the exact reason why I hate Mother Nature. And now this lovely book is going to suffer for it. It won't suffer a lot. The exact rating was around 3.5 or so, and I was trying to decide whether or not to make it 3 or 4.So while my body decides to recreate that bloody scene from Aliens, I'll be trying to write an understandable review.Hugh wakes up in a crater completely naked. Oh, and with no memories except for a completely cheesy, "Trust no one." Naturally, he gets a little freaked out. And then he finds out he can heal fatal wounds almost instantaneously and is super strong. I had a tiny feeling he wasn't human when that was found out.Cece has a bipolar mother who refuses to take her medication, and she lives in a trailer park. When she sees Hugo, she immediately is drawn to him. Definitely no like any other Young Adult Book.A huge problem I had with Eyes Ever to the Sky is the impossibly unrealistic insta-love. Seriously, I've seen hundreds of guys in my life. Have I ever crushed on them the second I saw them? No comment on that. But did I trust them with my life? Absolutely not. The only person I trust with my life is me.  I don't care how pretty the guy is.I would have loved this book if the romance didn't seem rushed. Even my annoying cramps would have understood that this book was worthy to get four or even five stars.There were two point of views. Those were very well written, and a reader can clearly distinguish the difference between the Cece and Hugo.There was also a victim's point of view, right before they died. I didn't find that distracting from the overall story at all. It actually helped it though.Eyes Ever to the Sky makes you really annoyed, but in the compelling read sort of way. You get this itsy bit of information, and then you're left hanging. And it happens over and over.Overall, the book was very fun to read. I look forward to more of the series.

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