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Everbound - Brodi Ashton Oh my God. How does she do that? Spin me along for an amazing ride and leave me hanging, why don't you?Whoever has never read this series, go and buy the first book now.Nikki is still really sad over Jack, which is understandable. There's some complaining, but it's just enough that it feels real. I'm not sure if I want to kill Cole, right now. At the ending, what he did shocked me. We did get some of his history, though.Jack isn't in this book a lot, but he's really important. Like, the entire book is written to find him. Nikki uses memories as a thread to find him, and I really enjoyed reading those. The Everneath was designed perfectly. There was even a map in the beginning of the book. I like how it was made into circles, since I have never read anything with the world made out of circles.There are some twists in this book, and some of them make you wonder how you didn't see what would happen before.The pacing was very good. We got some more action in this book.The ending was amazing. The cliffhanger was really well done, but I can't wait for the next book now. I'll probably hound the publisher for the next book. How many emails is considered stalking, again?Find this review and more at

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