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Burned - Karen Marie Moning Seriously. This needs a release date. Or at least a blurb. Please?What are you waiting for?Seriously. This needs a release date. Or at least a blurb. Please? What are you waiting for?Update 5/1/13Expected publication: January 14th 2014Should I be happy there's a release date or sad it's next year? Decisions, decisions. Update: 5/28/13What I think will happen in Burned:Warning: Spoilers for the Fever series and Iced are in this review. Seriously. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FEVER SERIES YET! K? Good.Karen Moning's bestselling books, the Fever series, isn't over yet. Book number 6-8 will be centered around Dani "Mega" O'Mallery, instead of Mac Lane. Annoyingly, though, Iced had a cliffhanger. What is it with these cliffhangers? Do authors think that I won't read the next book if something drastic doesn't happen at the end of the previous one?Basically what happened in Iced was that there was this bad thing called the Hoar Frost King that was freezing parts of Dublin. Dani, Christian, Ryodan, and Dancer finally beat it, and everyone is happy. Including me And then, on the last page, Mac comes up behind Dani and threatens to stab her.In order to figure out what the feck will happen next, we have to lay out the facts. First, Dani isn't human. Okay fine. We don't know that for a 100% fact, but I'm 95% sure. Then again, I was 98% sure V'lane was a good guy, and look at what happened. So Dani isn't the typical human. Happy now?We will like Christian again. I actually like him screwed up the way he is, but that's neither here nor there. We know we'll like Christian again because Moning says so in one of her Q&As.Ryodan, Barrons, and the rest of those people can be killed (for good). There are two ways we know of (for now): K'Vruck and the Book.Dancer has some deep, dark secrets. Kat mentions this.Mac is extremely hard to kill. We found this out in ShadowFever.Apparently, we're done with the Unseelie King and his Concubine in books 6-8. So no facts there.Dani killed Mac's sister and feels guily over it.And I think that's it. The rest either doesn't seem important or it is just what we think happened. Now for the guesses. I'd like to mention again: I have not read Burned, yet. So these guesses will probably be wrong.Christian is either going to become good, or he will die.At the end of Iced, he was kidnapped by the Crimson Hag. I think Dani will rescue him.The fact that the nine can die is going to be important. I think that one of them will be killed. Christian once talked about speaking with K'Vruck. Actually, I think he already has. Why? Because of all those times Dani was speaking with him and- poof- he couldn't remember some parts of the conversation.Cruce will get out of the ice. There's a reason that he was trapped, not killed. Maybe the way he's going to get out is he'll burn his way out.Dancer isn't human. Yeah, it's pretty obvious, but remember V'lane? Yes? Good. Also about Dancer: he's either going to die or is immortal. There's some heavy foreshadowing there.Another Goodreads reviewer mentioned his, but the cover looks like a place-holder. Is that what Burned is? A place holder?And, apparently, Burned picks up right after the ending of Iced. Is Mac still pissed. At the end of Shadowfever, it seemed like she was about to forgive Dani. Why, then, is she holding a spear at Dani's bak?I don't think Dani's mother is dead. It seems lie everyone thinks that in the book, but there was this one time Dani was talking about her.I also believe Dani won't be one of those heroines that fall in love and become pathetic.Jo is probably going to die. Well, I want her to die. She's annoying.Some things I can't guess: What are the nine?Why does Dani lose her powers?What is Dancer?Why can't this book come out faster?And this is who my friend and I want Dani to end up with:First Dancer, because he's her age.Then, once Dani grows up a little, with Christian because he's immortal.Lastly, after Dani is around twenty-three ish, Ryodan.And Burned? I'm going to be waiting a long time for you. Do not annoy me.Find these predictions and more at http://www.thereadingobsession.blogspot.comEdit again: June 18They changed the release date to April 22? WTF?

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