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The Summer I Became a Nerd - Leah Rae Miller Fast summer read. Complete fluff, but still entertaining.Full review to come.Review:Read this and more at http://www.thereadingobsession.blogspot.comI received this book from the publisher. This in no way influenced my review.This was exactly what the title promised: a light and fluffy summer read. And warning: I've been talking with Nenia Campbell so this review will have many kittens. *hidesMaddie is a really popular girl, who has a secret. Not a bad, I-like-watching-you-sleep secret, more like an embarrassing secret. She really likes comic books. It doesn't seem embarrassing for me if a friend likes comic books, but whatever. However, she has a reason for pretending to be one of those really popular chicks. In middle school, there was some costume contest. Maddie came dressed as a comic book character, and everyone made fun of her, and she was scared of it happening again. Hey, I didn't say it was a good reason. However, every summer she lets her nerdy side out. She has a notebooks that she writes all her thoughts down about the comics she reads. No, she didn't have a kitten, but come on. Look at it!One day, the comic she ordered was out of stock, and it would be a while until the company shipped it to her. Maddie decides to go to the comic book store and buy it.You must understand: This is a huge risk for her. She might have been spotted and her cover would have been blown.When she got to the bookstore, the guy at the cash register was reading it, but he gave it to her. He also went to her school and knew her.Is her cover blown? No. Don't worry.What happens next a whirlwind of fluff and happiness.Fluffier than thisMaddie was a very relatable main character, even though I don't read comics. She's fun to read. Though, she gets whiny and annoying sometimes.Logan was a nice guy. We need more of those in YA. There are too many dark, brooding guys.I rated this three stars because it didn't feel like it had a deeper meaning. Complete fluff, but very enjoyable.Overall, a very enjoyable book. Read for a fun and fluffy time.I think I used too many "fluff"s in this review.  Are there too many kittens in this review?

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