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Delirium - Lauren Oliver Okay, seriously. Did I read the wrong book? Because most people talk about how amazing Delirim is and how they can just picture everything perfectly. But when I read it, I was just annoyed. It's like the exct same story as other dystopians. People, whatever you do, do not read Matched and Delirium back to back. I couldn't finish Matched because the beginnings were so similar.The characters just seemed flat. There's basically no character development in the main character, let alone any othersAnd the insta-love. This had so much insta-love. It was so annoying, and one of my key issues with it.Maybe I didn't like Delirium because I was expecting a novel where the character fights back against the government. The key word being there is "fight". Yes, there were a couple scenes where there was action, but it just wasn't enough for me.I'm sure many people will enjoy Delirium, but personally, it wasn't worth the hype.Find this review and more at

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