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School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins YES! I got this on Net Galley! But who's Izzy, again? The Review:Remember that person from the third book of the Hex Hall series, Spell Bound? Yeah, me neither. But I found out that School Spirits takes place in the same world, and I loved the descriptions of that witch world, so I had to ask for it. And then I got accepted!I didn't enjoy this book as much as Hex Hall, sadly. The actual rating is more of a 3.5 stars than an solid 4 stars. This was a pretty quick and fluffy read, and it doesn't really stay with you in the long run.There still is a sense of humor in this novel, but it isn't as pronounced.The setting is a high school, and that sort of bored me. It seems every young adult novel is set at a high school nowadays.I really liked how Dex wasn't exactly like Archer. I felt there was a pretty big difference between the two.I will read the next books in the series. School Spirits is an engaging read, and I hope the next books answer my questions.Thank you Netgalley and Disney-Hyperion for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review. And now my favorite quotes: “You are my new hero. Seriously, I might actually be in love with you now. Would it be awkward if we made out?”I didn't highlight that much in this book so there are not that many favorite quotes.Find this review and more at

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