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Marked - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast See comment #2 if there are reasons of this being a bad book/ series that are not in the first book.Do I have a curse of picking up bad books or something? Because this is the third book in a row that is terrible. Are all these books just creeping up on me? Do they have a group meeting and all whisper," Let's make Alisa read this." And then cackle like that creepy witch from Snow White? Maybe its my friends. They're probably pulling a prank on me or something. Fallen, and now Marked? This is one of the worst books I've read. Actually, I think this is worst book I have read. It's worse than even Twilight. Marked has not one, but two authors. How did they screw up this much?Zoey is the most annoying, stupid, idiotic, bitchy, ridiculous, Mary-Sue character I have ever read. Ever. In my life. It was torture just to read in her point of view for more than two pages. Literally, every other chapter, I had to take a break. She was a hypocrite. One second she was berating a person for age-gaps. The other, she was kissing a teacher.And don't forget the eating disorders. If you have one, you shouldn't get sympathy. Oh, no. You are a freak of nature. Zoey cusses out the people with eating disorders.How am I supposed to cheer Zoey on? I hate her. I want to see her all alone on an island with no food, clean water, boys, blood, or anything else she needs to survive. I can just picture it. There's a teeny island in the middle of the ocean filled with sand. The sun beats down mercilessly on anything living on it. All plants shrivel up and die. Animals starve to death.There were so many pop culture references. Don't they know readers don't care? One or two references are fine. Not the entire book.411 on this book:Plot: There's one?Setting: StupidCharacters: Don't get me startedWriting: TerribleEditor: Like the Fallen editor: smart or stupidIf I go on, this review will turn into a rant, and it will never stop. So, do yourself a favor, and don't read the book.Find this review and more at

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