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Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter Let's look at that summary, shall we? "...spectacular new series that will steal your heart and haunt your dreams..." Was it amazing? Totally! Absolutely! Not. Did it steal my heart? No. If I see this book again, I'm running away from it. Does it haunt my dreams? Why yes, yes it did. How did you know, Book, that you would give me nightmares?"...Shadow Falls- a camp for troubled teens..." The second I saw "camp", I just knew that it would be like The Lightning Thief. But, It'd probably be a screwed up version of it. "...vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches and fairies..." Didn't Hex Hall do something like this? "...Kylie’s never felt normal..." That's not like every single young adult book ever. "... enter Derek and Lucas..." Oh, God no. It's a love triangle. And then, the last sentence: "Even though Kylie feels deeply uncertain about everything, one thing is becoming painfully clear—Shadow Falls is exactly where she belongs…" Haha. Yeah. Totally original. And, of course, the cover is a girl in a dress. What is she even doing with it? Actually, I don't want to know.Obviously, I wouldn't like this book. So, why, would I ever read this? My "friend"- you know, I have a lot of these friends- told me it was, "Totally and utterly awesome! And- ohmygod- Lucas is so hot! You totes have to read it! Now! I'll read Angelfall if you read this!" So of course I had to read it. I mean, I had to have my friend find out about good books.Born at Midnight is about this chick named Kylie. She keeps seeing this ghost. At a party, there are drugs. She got caught at the party and is sent to some rehab camp. But, its actually not a rehab camp. It's a supernatural camp. She gets gets friends, find out she's the most amazing person in the camp, and is in a love triangle.So this book is in third person. Limited third person. And it is one of the worst third person I've ever read. Maybe if it was first person, it would be slightly bearable. Not enough for two stars, but I would have been able to read this without mentally ripping the pages out, burning them, and burying the ashes. Kylie thinks she's so funny.Yeah... no. If she was one of those people that think they're hilarious when they're actually really annoying, that would have been alright. I would have pretended that the author had some hidden message. But, no. Kylie is just annoying and whiny. And, of course, she's the specialest person in the camp. Kylie doesn't change throughout the book at all. She started out whiny and annoying. Then, she ended whiny and annoying.But, we can't a book without some best friends. Sara was a terrible friend. The only reason she was used in this story was so we could all know how bad sex and fitting in is. If I wanted to know about those things, there's a such thing called a counselor. And a Health teacher. However, Sara was the human BFF. Kylie has two others: a witch and a vampire. The witch was actually not that bad for the first part of the book. And then she became annoying. The vampire was pretty cool, which raised this book from a 0.5 (I always start a book this way, and it is the minimum for me, since I always round up) to a 0.75.There's also slut slamming. So. Much. Judginess. People have sex. It's a fact of life. Kylie, how else do you think you were born?The love interests were bad. I mean, she thinks Lucas killed her cat, but she still crushes on him. And Derek wasted a pint of blood for an hour of her time.The things that happened in this book were unbelievable. The camp is conveniently located next to a zoo. And people sneak lions onto campus. Yes. So realistic.There was this plot that wasn't really a plot. Things happened. More things happened. And then: The End. Mostly, this book was centered on romance, which I'm fine with, if stuff actually happened. Not just fake things.The writing was so annoying. It's one of those cases where authors attempt to sound like teenagers and fail miserably.And, of course, at the end of the book, when nobody cares anymore you find out who the ghost is. And its so predictable. So. Freaking. Predictable.Born at Midnight was terrible. Utterly and completely terrible. I guess if you were obsessed with Twilight and wanted some anti-feminism, this would be the book for you. Otherwise, if you see this in a bookstore, casually get up and run away.

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