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Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins I finished this, like, a month or so ago, but my friend wanted to do a review. Because I'm the nicest person ever, I decided to let her. Sadly, after a couple of weeks, she didn't email me back, so I had to write one myself.Look at the cover. That dress is awesome. So, right away, I should have known I wouldn't like it. Think of all the covers with pretty dresses. Yes, that is pretty much all YA books. Now think of how many are annoying. If you said most, you are correct. Here's a cookie.Now look at the guy next to her. I'm assuming that he is Kai, but who knows. Doesn't he look like a stalker?  Yes, yes he does. Here's a cupcake.Am I winning you over? Good. So, basically, from the cover, I should have figured I wouldn't like this book that much. Since I'm so awesome, I was right. Because I'm such a happy person, let's go with the things I didn't like first.Anna was an alright main character. However, I though she was too innocent. There were some examples, but I can't be bothered to remember them. She also changed her mind so much. She was supposed to stay away from Kai. Well... maybe not. Keep her angel and demon side a secret. But Kai's so hot! Yeah, it was annoying to read like that.I have mixed feelings about Kai. On one hand he was so egotistic. On the other, he was sweet. I really liked his POVs on Wendy Higgins's blog.Patty, Anna's adopted mom was weird. She just lets her daughter go on a road trip with the son of lust. That's not going to end badly at all...I really didn't like the way Anna's dad acted. Yes, I get that he's the Duke of Substance Abuse (I never knew that was one of the Deadly Sins), but no dad should encourage their daughter to get drunk.The other characters weren't really thought out well, which was sad.And why is it, in any YA book, the main character gets almost raped, and the love interest just swoops in and saves her. The protagonist never even brings it up again, and goes on with life like nothing happened.There was also this random page in the book all about sex. That was just weird.I have decided that YA books hate anything real. For example, Twilight has sparkly vampires. And some other books are also screwed up. But I really like the thought out mythology in this one.There were also some plot twists that I wasn't expecting. If you are looking for a quick read, pick this book up. However, don't expect anything that great.Sorry about the random spaces.Find this review and more at

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