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Vessel - Sarah Beth Durst First of all, look at that cover. It's so pretty. So is the dress. And if there's one thing that most of the time, they're terrible (cough, cough: Hush, Hush; Evermore; Marked; Fallen). So, naturally, I was wary of this book. Well, that, and the part where I had no money on my Amazon account.Vessel is about a girl named Liyana. She has been raised ever since she was born to be a host for a goddess. When the goddess doesn't answer her summons, she gets kicked out of her clan. Soon after, Korbyn, a got, comes along to tell her that the gods, other than himself, have been captured. They go and find the other hosts of different clans to aid them on their adventure.The characters in the Vessel weren't the best. Occasionally, they acted idiotically. But they made up for that by having- wait for it- brains and spines.And sadly, Vessel has a love triangle. It's not even well written, just annoying. Korbyn was the first love interest, and he was pretty interesting. But when the emperor comes in; that was where I was getting pissed off. Liyana and the emperor just fall instantly in love, with no development between the points of meeting and falling in "love". Why, in all YA books, are there always love triangles and insta-love? It's so frustrating!The setting was very interesting. I loved that it took place in the desert. The feelings all the inhabitants had for the desert were very entertaining to read about.The pace was mediocre. At times, it slugged. Other parts, it went too fast (cough, cough insta-love).The writing was descriptive. Not the best, but not the worst, either.Overall, this would be a borrow, not a buy book. If you're looking for a quick and cheesy read, this would be it.

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