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Everneath - Brodi Ashton Yay! It's a pretty cover without terrible things inside!I liked how it was like two Greek mythology retelling rolled up into one: Persephone&Hades and Orpheus.You know how in Evermore, Ever complains over nothing? Here, Nikki has a very good reason to complain, but she doesn't. Yep. You heard that right: the usual complaining found in YA stories was not in here! Every character in this book seemed to have real issues. They were also well developed, unlike in so many other stories. Nikki came back damaged, but slowly regained her emotions again. I really liked how Nikki wasn't blaming anyone for her troubles. She could have just blamed Jack for everything and let herself wallow in self pity, but she didn't. Neither was she sitting around waiting for a guy to help her. She tried to deal with them. Cole was confusing. I didn't know if he really liked Nikki, or he was just trying to rule the Everneath. He's one of those bad boy heroes, but Ashton makes us sympathetic to him. He sort of evil. Sometimes, though, we see a glimpse of another side of him.Jack is a really sweet person. He's perfect for Nikki. He didn't give up on Nikki at all, which was great. The love triangle looks like I'm going to like it. I usually hate them, apart from Jennifer Armentrout's, but this one looks awesome.Nikki tries to get redemption. That's the plot. It sounds really simple, but Ashton makes it awesome. One of my favorite things in this plot is that it comes first, not the romance. There were also a lot of surprises that I felt like I should have guessed.The pacing is really smooth. Everything falls into place. The switching from the past to the present should have confused me, but I really like it.The ending is great in the sense that everything is tied up with just enough to make a next book. However, its a sad ending.Find this review and more at

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