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An Infidel in Paradise - S.J. Laidlaw I got this from Netgalley a week or so ago. I have never heard anything about it, but it looked very interesting. Emma, the main character is pretty likable. A couple times, I thought she whined too much. Also, she made some bad decisions. However, she developed throughout the story, which was good. She had a backbone, and she didn't just stand there while people yelled at her. Mustapha was a pretty good love interest. It seemed like it sped up a bit too much, at the end. Overall, though, he was cool. He didn't react like a typical YA love interest and just forgive everything Emma did.The plot was a basic plot. There was no major surprises.An Infidel in Paradise was a simple book to understand. I loved the setting in the Middle East. Find this review and more at

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