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Fallen - Lauren Kate I'm going to kill my "friend." She usually has pretty good taste in books. So when she recommended this to me, I immediately started reading it. I mean, the cover was absolutely fantastic. And when I see covers like this, I always forget that there is something terrible inside. I just didn't expect it to be that bad.The prologue pretty much spoiled the entire book. Except for the one part that most of the people are (minor spoiler) fallen angels. Hints are supposed to be tiny little nudges in the right direction. They also should have some red herrings. Hints are not supposed to be just standing there in plain view. If this book had one tug in the other direction, I might have given it two stars. On the other hand... probably not. The editing, plot, and characters were terrible.The editor is either a complete genius or a complete idiot. Maybe she knew how terrible the book was and decided to not do anything with it because she knew that the pretty cover would lure everyone in. Or, she was really stupid and decided that bad word choices and terrible sentences would sell well. A third option is that when she read it, her brain completely exploded and she skipped the entire novel because it was so bad. The world will never know.A book needs a plot, Lauren Kate. Over 350 pages of stalking is not considered a plot. The worst part of the book were the characters. These are some of the stupidest, annoying(est), and want-to-kill(est) people I have ever had the misfortune of reading. If I saw any of these characters in real life, I would probably slap them. Luce is completely stupid. She's completely pathetic and is as bad as Bella Swan. The first time she saw Daniel, he flipped her off. Instead of taking the hint or flipping him off right back, she obsesses over him. Then, she starts stalking him. She goes through his files like Nora, and thinks of him as much as Ever does to her "love." There is this huge question I keep asking myself: Why does Daniel even like Luce? Heck, how does he stand her? Maybe it's because he can treat her like crap, and she doesn't do anything about it. Except for that one time she stands up for herself. The guy doesn't even acknowledge her "demand." He just freaking kisses her to shut her up. And then he goes back to treating her badly.The funny thing is, when Daniel finally tells Luce the truth, she runs away. Yep, that's right. Over a hundred pages of trying to figure it out, and somebody finally tells her, she flees. Another question to Daniel: Why does he kiss her if she's going to die? Not that I would mind if she actually died, but Daniel "loves" her. So, why would he want her to die?All the characters are these inconsequential cardboard cutouts. The one person I sort of like died. The author should have done some research. Anything. Lauren Kate seems to not know anything about angels. Or fallen angels, whatever. The reform school, which is the setting, is so stupid. The "security" there is terrible. Again, LK, do some research on what you are writing about.One last thing: hotness and stalking do not a true love make.Capiche?Now, if you excuse me, I have to go bleach my brain of this terrible book and read a better book about angels, like Angelfall. Find this review and more at

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