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My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent This wasn't actually that bad. I was expecting the typical YA book, just with different characters and "mythology". Kaylee was pretty much a likable character. Some places, I didn't like her that much, but overall, she was pretty good.Nash was pretty cool. There was some insta-love, which annoyed me, but it Kaylee and Nash didn't start kissing over and over throughout the entire book.Tod was great. I didn't learn that much about him. And this is going to be a love triangle. I just know it.I don't know a lot about banshees, so I wouldn't know if the mythology was screwed up. The writing flowed well. I liked the twists in this book. The beginning didn't hook me. After a couple of pages, though, it became very interesting.This seemed like a really short book to me, and I finished it within a day.Find this review and more at

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