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Reassigned - Tanjlisa Marie This book was the first book I won as a giveaway on Goodreads. Naturally, I was ecstatic.The idea of this book was very refreshing. I mean, fairy godmothers? Genius.In this story, the fairy godmothers do grant wishes, but only to children between five and puberty. They also have to pay a price. Later in their life, they have to do something similar to another child what the godmother did to them. If they don't, they are hunted by the Huntresses. Really? I never thought the Huntresses would actually hunt something! Thunder is one of these Huntresses, if you couldn't guess.When Thunder meets a Leprechaun, one of the enemies of the fairies, she must be assigned. The Queen Mother decides to put her with the Wish Granters, which we call Fairy Godmothers.Making Leprechauns and Fairies enemies was a brilliant idea. The queen was very fun to read. She was hilarious at times.The setting was great. Fairies live on another planet. They can warp, or teleport to Earth. However, at times, I didn't think this planet was thought through enough, and was only used as a plot device.In some incidents, Reassigned was very funny.At the beginning of this book, I thought I would love it. The Huntress, or Agent Thunder was epic. She knew how to fight and scare people. The nickname, Homosap, given to humans, was an awesome idea. There were some twists I didn't see coming, and some I did.Now, for the parts I didn't like.First, the way Thunder met Ciaran. He was a lawyer to one of the people Thunder had to hunt down. And he was, like, nineteen. Nineteen. Ciaran's boss was a rich guy, and he decided to hire a nineteen year old. Some of the fight scenes were stupid. For example, Thunder did a cartwheel towards a guy . A cartwheel. This isn't Xena, okay? And, Karate-chopping a guy's neck. I don't know why, but whenever I see karate-chopping in a book, I start laughing. I do martial art, and I don't Karate-chop anyone. They also screamed a lot during the fighting scenes. No. Not the "fighting" scenes. The actual ones. That annoyed me a lot.Sometimes, Thunder was an idiot. For example, she didn't realize Ciaran wasn't human when he saw through lots of smoke. Also, in a burning fire, she thought about how hot Ciaran's face was.There was also some insta-love.There was some bad grammar. During the telekinesis thoughts, all the sentences seemed to run together.I didn't like how Thunder kept on screaming, "Holy Fairy Dust!" Yes, I get what it means. It just bugged me a lot.There was also that Twilight scene where the guy stares at the girl and the waitress is clearly lusting over him, but the guy doesn't see it.Also, there was this Star Wars moment. Just saying.All in all, this was a descent book. It was sort of light-hearted and fun. Find this review and more at

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