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Every Day - David Levithan Interesting concept. A (I didn't know that was his name until almost half way through the book) is someone that switches bodies every day. I always thought of him as a guy, but I suppose he doesn't really have a gender. He can only be people his own age, which, I guess, is a blessing. Who'd want to be five one day and fifty the next?A was an interesting character to read about. He is still himself in every body, but each of the bodies do different things. For example, he is an addict in one body and constantly craves drugs. However, in the next body, he is fine.When he was little, he thought everyone changed bodies, too. That seemed realistic.Rhiannon is the love interest. And this was one of the most annoying cases of insta-love that I have ever read. Rhia is a cool girl, I guess, but the way A constantly thinks about her was annoying. I don't even think it was love; more like a crazy obsession.A thing that was annoying was that we have no idea how the changes happen. Everything just happened with pretty much no reason.The writing was good. At some parts, it was too angsty, but overall, it was great.Besides the insta-love, the plot was well done.I liked how every day was a chapter. Some chapters were much longer than others, and they show how important that day was to A.I also really enjoyed how Levithan stressed how people don't fall in love with a gender; they fall in love with an individual.The ending seemed real and like what a normal person would do. It left the book very open to a sequel. I'm hoping there is one, since I want to know more about how this stuff happens. Find this review and more at

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