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Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality - Elizabeth Eulberg That was a long title. I just had to get that out of the way first.Lexi is a girl with great personality. That's what everyone says to her. Benny is one of her best friends; he's gay and fat. He has a crush on a guy, and Lexi wants him to go out with him. Benny agrees start talking to the guy if Lexi starts flirting and doing things that make her more popular. They start doing favors for each other. Lexi wears make-up, and Benny has a conversation with his crush.In her home life, her father is divorced from her family. Lexi's mother eats too much and is obsessed with beauty pageants She takes her little sister, Mackenzie, all over Texas, spending money the family doesn't have. When Lexi tries to talk to her mother about spending too much money, her mom accuses her of being jealous. When Mac tries, Lexi's mom just brushes it off.Lexi was an easy character to like. She seems to be funny, even though we don't see many of her jokes in this book. Lexi had many different personalities. It wasn't that she was schizophrenic or anything like that. At home, she was a great big sister. At work she was a nice worker. I loved Mackenzie, even though she was a brat. Something about her reminds me of me when I was seven.There wasn't really a plot, which was one of the reasons for giving this a three stars. It just described how her changes in life changed the way people acted around her.The ending was great. I like how she didn't end up with any specific guy and was herself.Elizabeth's writing made me feel like I was in the story. Some of the parts were a bit awkward, but most weren't.This was a very quick read. If you are looking for a middle grade novel, this would be the one.Find this review and others like it at

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