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The Nightmare Affair - Mindee Arnett This was actually a really good book. It sort of reminded me of Hex Hall and Harry Potter, with the paranormal academy. There are many different "creatures," but not so much that the story was screwed up.Dusty was a great main character. She was really easy to like. Her relationships with people seemed real, and not forced. I really liked how Dusty didn't think that she could do everything. She had doubts, occasionally.There was some romance in this story, but not a lot.Some parts in this book were predictable, but the main antagonist wasn't. There were a few places in the book that made it feel like it was too easy.Occasionally, this felt like a textbook. A person would speak a line, and the next paragraph would be dedicated to explaining why they said that.The setting was enjoyable.I liked the idea of a magic school, even if it is overused.The plot was great.Some parts were a bit slow, though.The writing was easy to understand. Overall, this was a well written book and I look forward to the next one.

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