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Splintered - A.G. Howard Hey, Alice in Zombieland? This is how you write an Alice retelling.Alyssa, the protagonist, can hear bugs and flowers. Of course, she thinks she's insane, just like her mother. And, again, of course, she's not. Alyssa's ancestor is Alice Liddell, from Alice in Wonderland. She goes through the mirror, and she finds herself in Wonderland. This book put a spin on the Wonderland we know of. It's not happy and carefree; it's dangerous. There, she tries to fix the Alice's mistakes. However, Jeb, her crush, comes along for the ride. Like all popular books, this has a love triangle. Morpheus is from her past. Alyssa doesn't know if she can trust him or not, which is one of the main reasons I like her.Like I said before, Alyssa is very easy to like. She doesn't do whatever people tell her to do. Her personality was easy to relate to. I didn't like Jeb as much as Morpheus because he seemed to tell Alyssa what to do all the time. Being the great heroine she is, she does what she wants.Morpheus is Alyssa's "guide" through Wonderland. I put guide in quotation marks because he left her alone most of the time to figure things out. He also believed in her, unlike Jeb. He's the Caterpillar, or this book's version, at least.The writing was great, and I didn't realize until half way through that it was in present tense, It was that good. The descriptions were amazing. I could "see" everything happening in front of me. The world-building was awesome.There's twists through out this book that I felt like I should have seen. As Teresa Mary Rose puts it, " It doesn’t follow a straight line with easy connect the dots; it is more of a maze where the floor can fall out at any moment and descend into madness." All the loose ends were tied up very well. I really hope this is a series because I'd love to see more of this world.Find this review and more at

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