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Bad Girls Don't Die - Katie Alender Am I the only person that thinks the title is stupid? But the cover was sort of pretty. I wasn't going to read this until my friend shoved it into my face and threatened me to read it. Alexis is a great main character. She's really spunky, and I like her. The way the author wrote her voice really made me relate to her. Kasey being posessed was really interesting to read about. This girl made me realize I wasn't crazy for hating dolls. The love interest, Carter, was awesome. He didn't take up Alexis's entire thoughts. A great thing this story does is that romance doesn't take up the entire plot. It's only a little important.The way the back story was fed in was awesome. It wasn't just dumped; we found out about it a little at a time.Megan Wiley, the cheerleader, isn't the typical annoying blonde. She's really important in this story.The plot moved along at a satisfactory pace.I'm definitely buying the next two books. I want to know what happens next to Alexis.Find this review and more at http://www/

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