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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Jennifer Armentrout has just become one of my favorite authors. After reading Half-Blood, I immediately checked if she had written anything else. Obsidian came up, and when I checked it, I wasn’t eager at all to read it. I hated aliens. So I put her works to the side and began reading other things. One hot summer day, I was bored and decided to give this a try. I’m so glad I did. From the first page, I was sucked in.Katy doesn’t whine about unimportant things, but she isn’t too cocky either. I love the fact that she is a blogger, and actually knows what she is doing. It isn’t like some books where authors pretend to know facts and hope that nobody finds out that she knows nothing about the subject. Daemon is the love interest in this book. The first time I “saw” him, I thought I might not like him. I thought, “Oh God. She’s gonna let him walk all over her. Then, I’d have to hate her! ” Well, Katy surprised me. She has an inner fire that roared to life.Sometimes, I found Daemon very infuriating. Why was he so annoying? Why couldn’t he be nice? I knew that he had a layer underneath the douchebag layer. Reading the extra point of views from him made me finally understand.The plot was very well executed. Everything was very well placed. Jennifer Armentrout made the characters stay tangible. The writing seemed real, and it sounded like what a teenager would say. I think the word someone from Goodreads used was authentic. This was a funny book, and it had me smiling and grinning most of the time.Go out and by this book. Now.Find this review and more at

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