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Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep This wasn't very good. I wanted to like it, but it just wouldn't happen. The characters and plot were so cliché. I've already read about literally running into the "bad boy" to many times to count. There's too many "invisible" or "unliked" girls. And there's always the "hot, popular" girl.So, the setting is a school where Greek demigod-ish teens go. The first thing that reminded me of was Hogwarts. Then, it turned out that it had all these other types of magic kids that were not relevant to the story to any way, like Ninjas. The three most important races were the Greeks, the Romans, and the Norse people. The rest was just clutter.Gwen was sometimes just an idiot. She sometimes forgets that she has her magic gift. After that, there were all these things that feel "off" to her, but she missed the important clues. And, ofcourse, she doesn't think she's special, but she actually is.The writing had a huge info-dump. It was like the author didn't know how to expand information over the entire book. Gwen barely figures anything out on her own. Even the villain told her what she should've found out.I didn't like this book very much, but paranorama boarding school junkies should love it.See this review and more at

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