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The Iron King - Julie Kagawa Meghan actually uses her brain, unlike some other characters of the Young Adult category. She doesn’t automatically believe in the Fae and is skeptical, just like most people would be. She isn’t amazing at perfecting her power the second she needs to. For example, when Meghan needed to use glamour to get into a club, she cannot do it. Her powers develop in the book, like, for the musicians, a crescendo. Sadly, Prince Ash comes in with his perfect looks and turns her into an idiot.Ash was one of those characters that don’t let anyone in. He sort of bored me. He’s very typical in a Young Adult novel: Hot, a good fighter, loyal, and closed off. Maybe I’ll enjoy him more in the next books.Puck is the one I like the most. He’s funny and honest. He doesn’t gloss things over when he is talking to Meghan, and he treats her like she is an actual human being. Oh, yes, and he- wait for it- actually has flaws! This made me so happy. Most male characters are perfect and plan their moves way beforehand, unlike Puck, who is impulsive and rash.In a fight scene between Puck and Ash, Puck was having fun, while Ash was brooding. Call me crazy, but I like humor.The writing was very good and descriptive. I could see what she was talking about in my head. The setting was one of my favorite aspects. I actually knew what she was talking about, and it didn’t feel bogged down.Puck, the writing, and Meghan-before-Ash saved this book from getting three stars. Thank them.I would recommend this book to be read on the side. Buying it wouldn’t be so bad.See this review and more at

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