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Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout If Obsidian was great, Onyx was breath-taking. It was more intense, more brutal, and more surprising.Onyx was funny. There's witty banter between Katy and Daemon. And it's better that Obsidian's.Katy is witty and feisty. She lives up to the nick-name, Kitten. She's fierce and protective. Sadly, not everyone can be perfect. This was one my favorite aspects of this novel. If you don't give someone flaws, you can't relate to them. Therefore, you dislike them. She made some big mistakes, but doesn't ignore them. They shape her into a better person. Katy was always strong, but she's a fighter, now.We've all seen Daemon's protective and charming side. But now, Jennifer shows a new part of him. It's a sweet, sweet side of him that not a lot of people have seen before.Blake Saunders is the new guy. He's mysterious with secrets. Lots of them. I didn't like him at all. Well, at first, I sort of liked him. But then, when the secrets got out, I hated him. I can't say anything without spoilers.The plot was well developed. It placed everything perfectly. We don't get a filler novel, like so many books.And the ending. Talk about a cliffhanger!The wait for Opal will kill me. If its even half of Onyx, I'll love it.See this and more at

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