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Seven Things I Learn from New Adult Novels, Depicted By Cats

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This is the second actual blog post this week, and the second list. I don't know why, but I'm going through a "No! I don't want to rant!" stage right now, so you'll have to make do with sarcastic lists. 


1. Everyone has a tragic past. Well, everyone important, anyways.


And they act like this. All. The. Time.



2.  I always have an amazing retort on hand

Such an amazing comeback.



3.Life is one of the most predictable things ever to happen.

And it never gets boring.



4. People immediately fall in love the first time they see each other.

Like this, but not as adorable.



5. Everyone is either amazing or horrible.

Mean people don't have a reason to be mean.



6. Everyone's life is composed of the same, overused plot line.

Just like this cat.



7.There must always be a happy ending. Always.
And it must be composed of fluffiness.

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