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Speechless by:Hannah Harrington

Speechless - Hannah Harrington

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I think I'll start this review saying that Speechless left me speechless. I'm pretty sure I just lost half my friends by that horrible pun, but it's true. It's brilliant, and I'm sure it'll be a favorite of many people, but after reading The Sea of Tranquility, this pales in comparison.


Everyone knows a person like Chelsea. She's that person that, no matter what, cannot keep a secret. Usually, she's best friends with one of the most popular people, possibly for that reason.


One night, at a party, she sees two guys getting together, and comes downstairs and tells everyone. One of them gets beat up so severely that he goes into a coma. When Chelsea finds out about this, she tells her parents, and that's the last thing she says for a while. After this, she becomes a pariah, and everyone stays away from her.


In the beginning, Chelsea isn't likeable. In fact, I hated her with a passion. But then, she went through a magical thing called character development. Hear that, other YA books? Character development. Where a character actually changes into a better person.


Even though I didn't like Chelsea at first, she was still relatable, and she stayed relatable throughout the book.


Though Speechless is very easy to read, it deals with very dark issues, and it deals with them well.


I recommend this for people who want something that deals with LGBT acceptance in a light-hearted way.

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